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6 Ways To Identify That Your Home Has Mold in Broward County


Mold is found in our environment naturally and plays an important role in the decay of organic matter. While this is normal in the outdoors, it is not in the house.

When mold grows inside your home, it can quickly become toxic to your family, including pets, and cause a variety of health problems such as breathing problems, allergic reactions, eye irritation, sinus congestion, and so on.

Signs which indicate your home has mold

If you notice any of these in your home or business, hire a Mold Removal and Remediation in Broward County as early as possible.

1) Musty odors

People who have been in your home for a long time may be unable to detect a musty odor. However, it is possible that your neighbors, visitors, or friends will notice it right away. When mold grows indoors, it emits a musty odor. When you get these complaints more often or you detect a musty odor in some areas of your home, call experienced Mold Removal Specialists in Broward County.

2) Water Spots

Standing water may provide favorable conditions for mold to grow and thrive in your home has experienced a flood or other disaster (such as a plumbing leak) that causes excess water to accumulate on surfaces.

3) Relative humidity

Indoors, humidity causes moisture and serves as a perfect breeding ground for mold. Consider moisture to be mold’s best friend, as the two go hand in hand. If the humidity in your home exceeds 60%, you are more likely to have a mold infestation.

4) Improper Ventilation

Rooms with insufficient ventilation are prone to mold growth because moisture cannot escape quickly from these spaces. This creates a favorable environment for mold growth in a room.

5) Spores of mold or discoloration

Mold can sometimes be seen as grey and dark patches. Mold spores are typically found in the form of fuzzy or slimy discolorations. Mold isn’t always black and white. It is available in white, black, brown, red, and even some pastel hues.

6) Allergies

When people in your home suddenly develop allergies or symptoms such as scratchy throat, congestion, and breathing difficulties, this could indicate the presence of toxic mold in your home.

Our Mold Removal and Remediation Services

Many people believe they can clean up the mold on their own. Mold on surfaces is not dangerous, but disturbing it can cause health problems because the spores become airborne. Rather than jeopardizing your own and your loved ones’ lives, you should seek professional mold remediation services for your home or business. To know more about our services in detail, call us at 786-600-0270 or may fill up our contact us form.